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Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 and Schemes

Applicability :
The Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 apply to the whole India except Jammu & Kashmir.
Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 are applicable to:
(i)  Every establishment which is engaged in any one or more of the industries specified in Schedule I of the       Actor any activity notified by Central Government in the Official Gazette Employing 20 or more persons
(ii) Cinema Theatres employing 5 or more persons.

The Act does not apply to:
(i) The co-operative societies employing less than 50 persons and working without the aid of power.

(ii) Establishments under the control of state/central Govt.& employees who are getting benefits in the nature      of16(1) (b) contributory P.F. or old age pension as per rules framed by the Govt.
(iii)Establishment set up under any central, provincial or state act and the employees who are getting benefits      in the nature of contributory P.F. or old age pension as per rules. 

Rate of contribution
                                                    Account Number

                                                      I                II                  X                  XXI                XXII

EMPLOYEE                                   12%              -                   -                   -                      
EMPLOYER                                    3.67%       1.1%            8.33%              0.5%               1.1%

(i) Wages = Basic Pay + DA + cash value of food concession + retaining allowance
(ii) Wages to be calculated subject to maximum of 6500 per month

Registers to be maintained
(i) Eligibility Register
(ii) Inspection Book
(iii) Provident Fund Register

Services offered
  • Obtaining EPF registration and EPF Code Number
  • Calculation of PF liability & preparation of Monthly PF Statement.
  • Preparation of PF Challan in Quadruplicate in A/C.No-1,10,2,21 & 22 and collection of PF Cheque from the company.
  • Submission of PF Challan before 15th of every month along with the Cheque to the authorized State Bank of India and obtaining the Acknowledgement.
  • Obtaining the Triplicate and Quadruplicate Bank clearance Challan.
  • Obtaining Form.No-2 from new      entrants joined during the month.
  • Maintenance of Provident Fund Register on monthly basis.
  • Preparation & Submission of Form 12-A on monthly basis
  • Submission of PF Nomination forms for every new employee on monthly basis
  • Preparation & Submission of Form-12A, Form-5 & Form-10 and Form.No-2 along with the triplicate copy of the Challan to PF Department                         before 15th/25th of the Month.
  • Maintaining Form.No-11.
  • Processing of Form 13 and submission to PF Department.
  • Processing of Form 20,10D and Form 5(IF) in respect of Death claims.
  • Preparation & Submission of Form-9
  • Submission of Withdrawal Forms & doing follow-up till it gets settled
  • Correspondence with PF Authorities whenever required
  • Attend periodical Inspections by PF Officers & Comply accordingly
  • Preparation & Submission of Annual Return in Form No 3A & 6A before 30th of every year.
  • Maintenance of Inspection book.
  • Processing of FomNo.31, if any.
  • Follow-up/obtaining Form.No-23 (Annual account slips) from the PF Department.